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A Cambridge based Chiropractor with a clear motto: we solve dysfunction across the whole human body. Good Living Oasis Chiropractor ( are your local experts.

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Cambridge has been known for the prestigious University of Cambridge, dating to 1209, and we embody this education status at Continuous advancement in our own education is key for any chiropractic clinic.

Fixing a human requires a holistic approach to treatment, combined with good communication (plainly diagnosing your problem, explaining progress), education and aftercare (great exercises and tips to prevent repeat problems)

We do all this and more.

The amount of people that have walked through our doors with a common injury you might have right now – and walked out after a program feeling completely able again would shock you.

Chiropractors tend to have a bad name and we can’t understand why.

As far as we are concerned, almost every single person we perform treatment on leaves far better off than when they came to us.

At the worst? We explain that the help you need is not our area of expertise and we use our long list of trusted contacts to point you in the right direction, free of charge (after an assessment).

If you have any sort of pain, ache, twinge, soreness, tiredness, strain, pull, tightness or headache, please get in touch for your own health. If we can’t offer you a solution, we won’t merely try things that don’t work. We will point you in the right direction to another health professional.

If we can? The results could be that you’re cured for life of your aches and pains. We say for life because we will make sure to give you preventative measures and education on how and why your problem arose and how you will avoid it in the future.

A Cambridge Chiropractor You Can Rely On

The clinic now has 6, highly experienced chiropractors working full time, helping local residents of Cambridge and Cambridgeshire alike.

It brings everyone on the team joy to see people come with problems and leave cured. It’s our goal to make everyone that comes to the clinic feel welcome, comfortable and on the path to being healthy again.

Our approach

Chiropractors take a holistic approach to fixing your body and health. It is quite easy for other health experts to discredit us for this approach, usually as they are a resounding expert in the singular approach to health. As chiropractors, however, we have a multitude of ways we can solve a multitude of problems with your health. We are not limited to a singular approach and can use many methods to fix you.

Many people simply associate chiropractors like us as sorting our major issues with a body, like the neck, back or shoulders. We certainly are a port of call for these types of problems, with a long list of back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain being relieved – but this isn’t all that we do.

Another large part of our service is fixing dysfunction from your head right the way down to your feet. There isn’t a part of the body that we can’t remedy in some way. We work with every single part of the body and don’t believe in only fixing backs, necks and shoulders. For a body to be healthy and strong, it requires having everything working well together, meaning that we will probably look at other parts of your body as well if you do come in specifically for one of the common problems (back, neck, shoulders).

Chiropractic Problems We Solve


Back aches and pains might be the most common thing that people approach us with. Although we are capable of healing plenty of body parts, this just seems to be something that consistently happens to humans. Especially in this day and age given we’re usually in front of a computer screen.

You’re often going to have problems with your spine if you have back issues. We can scan your spine to see if there is any displacement, anything wrong with your joints or muscle. If there is, we can get to work on relieving your tension and realigning your back and spine so it is where it needs to be.

Perhaps you have nerve issues. Again, we have plenty of solutions to ease a trapped nerve or any other nerve problem.

Lower back problems are some of the most common we get which is, again, mostly caused through poor posture. We help to relieve the tension, strengthen the weak areas and make sure you’re educated on how to prevent your lower back pain from returning again.


Necks are yet another region which are not helped by our poor 21st century posture and likelihood to be using some sort of mobile or digital device. These devises usually make us hunched and tense. Add in age, sports and accidents – and it’s no surprise that 66% of the population have experienced some sort of neck pain in their lives.

Necks are no joke and if you’re having issues with yours, please contact us. We have solved countless neck aches and pains throughout the years – there’s a good chance we can solve yours too!


Shoulders can easily become unbalanced and most of us are going to have shoulder problems in our lives. Combine the factors of the shoulder being in a socket joint, our terrible 21st century posture and many of us sitting down all day will mean your shoulders are likely to ache at some point. It could be worse than ache, too. You might have displacements and further issues. We deal with all sorts of shoulder problems, so just get in touch if you need us to resolve your issues.

Headaches / migraines

Emotional distress held in our bodies can lead to physical problems which seemingly can’t be fixed. You wouldn’t equate a headache to your tight lower back, or all the tension in your upper trapezius and neck, would you?

They say that the body is the mind and the mind is the body. We firmly believe that here at the clinic and have seen first hand experience. A common scenario is that someone experiences emotional negativity or trauma. This then causes their posture and body to tighten up, to seize up. They are no longer loose like a child, but stiff and pent up all the time. As this increases for years, the tension in your body can spread to other areas, causing your mind problems because the body is so tense.

We relieve migraines and headaches every month. People have had headaches for months and sometimes years before seeing us. We work with their body, relieve tension and get them on programs suited to them and their lives. The results can be astounding, especially for the people with year long headaches and consistent migraines. Everyone at the clinic wants to do the same for you too!

Patient education

Being an expert on health isn’t possible for most people. You have everything that already exists in your life going on, so being an expert in something like health is not going to be likely.

As a result, we always help to educate our clients on what is going wrong with their body, what is causing it and how to prevent it. We never use crazy health jargon and keep it clean, simple and easy to understand.

This helps our clients moving forward so they don’t have to keep experiencing the same problems throughout their life. Again, you’re welcome back to the clinic, but we hope to resolve your issues and not to see you again! (That is, unless you have an ongoing problem that we can help with, then we certainly want to see you as much as possible!)

Clicks and adjustments

Many ‘clickbait’ videos are circling at the moment where you see harsh adjustments and massive ‘clicks’. Certainly, there is a place for this in as a chiropractor, but we believe in much more than these massive click stereotypes. The body is very sensitive and requires more than simply adjustments.

So if this put you off seeing a chiropractor, please don’t let this mar your judgement. We will simply do what is best for you and won’t risk your health for anything.

Check out any of the videos or chiropractic articles on the website to see some of the gentle techniques we’re carrying out on a daily basis.

Massage therapy

We have found that offering other beneficial services has been a really positive change for our clients. For example, we now have an in-house massage therapist. It’s not that we didn’t use to think that massage therapists were great, it’;s that we would refer our clients to the massage therapist and not ever really know what the massager did.

Now that we have a massager within our clinic, we can see what they’re doing and work in conjunction with them. This is just yet another benefit for our clients. So if you’re wondering “is there a good massage therapy centre near me?” There is at our clinic!

The more health services we can offer under one roof, the more understanding of the problems and solutions we can have for our clients. We can even combine our clinical massage therapy to create a chiropractic full body massage.

Muscular diseases

Many clients come to us with muscular diseases, things like motor neurone diseases like Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Friedreich’s Ataxia, help to ease their muscular/nervous system deficiencies. Our service is massively beneficial for clients like this.

There isn’t really a service out there that will get your body working and moving again out there like a chiropractor. If you can no longer walk, or have use of certain limbs, we can start to manipulate these parts depending on your illness and requirements.

Either way, we think it is especially important for people with muscular diseases, where they might not be used as much as they once were. The old saying is that if you don’t move it you will lose it. If you can no longer use these parts of your body, we can help you keep them moving and take steps to recover these parts of the body as best we can. Please get in touch with us to give more details on your health and what we might be able to do for you. At the very worse, we might just say that we can’t help but have other resources that might be better for you. Ultimately, we just want what is best for your health.

Our Effective Process

Call or email us

Having any sorts of bodily problems? This goes for headaches/pains as well as just physical issues. Get in touch with us either through using the number at the top of the screen or email us with the problem you’re facing.

Then we can arrange a suitable time for you to come in and have your initial chiropractic assessment to see how we can best help.

Chiropractic assessment

Upon arrival, you can tell us all about the problems you’re facing. You can feel free to confide in us everything you’re facing with your health. Your concerns, your problems, you’re pain. We want to help!

After we have a verbal understanding of your issue, we can start our assessment on properly diagnosing the problem. This will involve touching and feeling your body so that we can see how your joints, muscles and nerves are working.

If our solutions can’t solve the problem you’re facing, we are happy to refer you to health professionals that we think will be able to solve your problems. There won’t be a cost for this as we want the best for you and have not carried out a service per say!


After properly assessing your body and getting to grips with your pains and problems, we can begin treatment.

In between this time, we will have created a plan of action to solve your issues.

We will talk about what we think your problems are from most likely during the assessment, but we will revisit this before the treatment, what our solutions is and why it is the correct solution to use.

Whether you need a single hour with us or weeks of ongoing work, we will create a program that is organised around your schedule. We want the list of people we have fixed to continue to grow. The plan we put together will be comprehensive and assessed as we go assessed as we progress throughout the treatment until you are cured of your pains, aches and suffering.


The service doesn’t stop with your last session. Between sessions and especially for your final session, we will give you a range of exercises you can use to strengthen your problem areas. Although it would probably be a pleasure to have you back at the clinic, you certainly don’t want to come back, so we will send you away with everything to make sure you don’t make a return visit!

Of course, some problems can reoccur, especially if aggravated through sport (think tennis elbow), so we can’t guarantee that your problem will be fixed forever. We can, however, give you the best chance possible to keep your body fit and strong well after you’ve come in and had a session or course with us.

You can always call us back after becoming a client if you need more exercises or further assistance. We want to be the hub you come to if any part of your body is dysfunctional. We have a deep understanding of what the body needs for the problems you’re having. So if it’s something minor, call us and we’ll probably have some exercises for you. If it’s more than minor, feel free to book another appointment with us. If you have a new problem, you can also book an appointment, and we can take you through the simple, effective process again!


Here are a range of FAQs we get asked being chiropractors based in Cambridge. These are just some of the more regular questions we get asked. If you want anything else answered about our chiropractic clinic in Cambridge, just call!

What is the cost of your chiropractor services?”

Need to know what your problem is so that we can effectively solve it and charge you accordingly. For example, you might only need us for half an hour

“I want the best chiropractor near me”

Although there are other great chiropractors in Cambridge, we would firmly recommend ourselves as your first port of call. Just call us and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the team’s knowledge and efficiency related to overall health.

Other such chiropractors we can recommend are Talton Chiropractic and Egan Chiropractor.

“What do chiropractors do?”

In short, we cure dysfunctions in the body from head to toe. Some conditions we treat as chiropractors include things like backs, necks, shoulders, hips, elbows, feet, headaches and migraines.

Really, the chiropractic services offered are used to fix just about every part of the body, those listed above are mostly what we fix as so many people have these problems. However, you could come to us with a tight calf or a sore wrist. There are so many reasons that cause a dysfunction that may require a holistic approach to cure your problem. We use loads of techniques, like osteopath methods to find the root cause of your dysfunction.

“What is it I need to wear to a chiropractor?”

If you don’t know what to wear or dress in when you come to our chiropractors, don’t fret. Plenty of people ask us this question before coming to the clinic. There isn’t a dress code for a chiropractic facility, really.

Come in whatever you’re most comfortable in.

We would recommend soft, light and flexible items of clothing. Thick denim and materials like that probably won’t be suitable as we will have less connection with your body, which will mean less of an effect. Just come in something light, soft and comfortable! If you’re simply coming in for a chiropractic diagnosis with no physical work carried out, feel free to wear anything you like.

“What are chiropractic risks like?”

There are risks in hiring a chiropractor, just like there are risks in seeing the doctor. We have a flawless record in terms of damage caused to our clients.

We would contest there is virtually no risk in getting worse than when you come to us. We understand the complexities and how sensitive the body is. The goal is to keep you safe and our safety record unblemished.

“How do I know how to pick a good chiropractor?”

A good chiropractor is going to deliver a number of things. Firstly, a good chiropractor is going to be excellent at diagnosing problems. Many clients come to us because they don’t know how to cure their problem. So, a good chiropractor will be able to diagnose your problem accurately, as well as a great solution to go with it.

Secondly, you would expect a great price. It’s no good fixing your body if it’s going to break your bank account. Sure, your health is an extremely important asset and is worth paying for, but the chiropractor costs should at least be reasonable. An extremely low price is probably a warning sign if you’re looking at other chiropractors other than ours.

Then, you need them to actually fix your problem. A chiropractor that can’t deliver a solution is not a good chiropractor. Whatever your problem is, if your chiropractor can’t fix it or make strides towards fixing/alleviating your problem, your chiropractor is not good.

The other thing is that you would hope for good service by the chiropractor clinic as a whole. You want to be treated well throughout the whole process.

Another thing a good chiropractor will do is educate their clients. It’s no good offering a solution if the client has no idea how to prevent another incident occurring down the road. We educate our clients on what has happened and how to prevent it happening again.

Lastly is aftercare. If your chiropractor doesn’t send you away with at least either education or exercises after you’ve finished (unless not necessary at all for your particular problem, which seems unlikely), then they probably don’t care about you. Prevention is absolutely necessary as we don’t want anyone to have repeat problems after seeing us.

Get in contact for your local Cambridge Chiropractors

Please just give us a call if you have any issues regarding your health. You will be surprised at our knowledge and professionalism when it comes to fixing health.

Or, stay tuned for interesting chiropractic articles we will be adding to the website in the coming weeks and months. Plenty or articles will cover chiropractic wellness, the real benefits of chiropractic practices and case studies of people we have fixed.

Hopefully by then you will find our website to be one of the best chiropractic websites in the whole of Cambridge. We would like the site to be a health resource for everyone that needs our help.