Back Pain Cambridge

Experiencing back pain and live in Cambridge? There’s no reason that it needs to continue! We have relieved hundreds and hundreds of clients’ bad backs.

The amount of stories we have heard with all these clients that came to us with sore and stiff backs is unprecedented. Thankfully, the amount of people we have cured is the same.

But does it really work? Did you really cure their backs? For sure.

We combine effective chiropractic techniques with physiotherapy to make sure we get the best of both worlds. We usually find it takes a combination of both.

The process is: we use osteopathy style techniques to try and diagnose where your problem is originating from. You’d be surprised at how many bad backs are because of other parts of the body, like tension in the shoulders or tight hamstrings.

Then, we can go about combatting the imbalances in your body. As mentioned, this uses a variety of techniques and timeframes. We just want to get you cured. There will be regular updates and reviews on how the progress is going and which actions need to be taken.

Given our track record, we’re confident we’ll be able to relieve you from the back pain you’re facing, too. We’ve dealt with a wide range of problems from trapped nerves, to tightness to sore lower backs.

We follow up our treatment with education (what not to do to prevent this from happening again) and exercises to strengthen your back and other areas that made your back susceptible to irritation.

“We aren’t close to you. Can you recommend another clinic to us please?”

Milton Chiropractic Clinic

Sure! We would say that, if you’re in Milton, we have the perfect chiropractor just for you. We have no problem recommending the ‘competition’ (we don’t see them as competition), because they do well to spread the good work of chiropractors. Many people don’t know the benefits and the more people we can all cure, be it chiropractors in Milton or our Cambridge chiropractors clinic, will only help us all in spreading healthy practices.

So the company we are referring to are called Milton chiropractic clinic. You can google them and probably won’t miss them as they’re the company that has hundreds of five star reviews. They are certainly your best bet if you need the best chiropractor in Milton. Please remember that our service will also travel! So if you are in Milton, we can still get to you if you can’t make it into the Milton Chiropractic Clinic.

chiropractor working on back pain