Chiropractor For Lower Back Pain

If it’s lower back pain you’re experiencing, you need a chiropractor, pronto. Back pain is no joke and it can debilitate your whole life. The worst part? It’s the kind of thing that isn’t just going to go away with attention. We don’t say this because we’re trying to scare you to visit a chiropractor, we say this because it’s completely true.

Not only will your back pain not go away, but it will probably get worse. This is especially true if you are still doing the things that aggravated your back in the first place. What aggravated your back in the first place and lead to this lower or upper back pain might not be because of your back directly. There are plenty of cases we’re looking at on a weekly basis with people that have bad backs caused by another part of their body. For example, people with upper back pain come to us chiropractors saying their back is all wrong. We might turn around and say it’s actually muscular imbalances in your lower back that are causing the pain.

“Back pain: see a doctor or a chiropractor?”

We will answer this with: both.

A doctor is going to either refer you to us or a physiotherapist. Both are worthy candidates and both will have tremendously positive effects on your back.

The great thing is that a physiotherapist WILL probably be able to make drastic improvements to your back’s health like no one else. Better yet? We have an in-house team of physiotherapists that we use for this very reason. We combine our chiropractic solutions with physiotherapy to make for a great combo in solving back issues. Upper back pain is best combated by both a chiropractor AND a massage therapist. Come in to our back pain clinic in Cambridge to get a combination of both to tackle your problem!

Should I use self adjustment to treat my back pain?

Using self adjustment techniques to fix your upper or lower back pain isn’t advised at this practice. We’ve seen all the videos and there is some goof stuff out there. However, how do you know if that adjustment is going to be right for the back pain you personally have? Have you checked to see if your body can take the adjustment? Will someone else be carrying out the adjustment? These are all worthwhile questions to ask when thinking about self adjustment. We would say that you can probably get away with non harsh methods if you want to know how to crack your upper back. This is generally not too risky and it can relieve some tension momentarily.

Our process is simple. First we’ll diagnose your problem, be that lower back pain or upper back pain. From there, we’ll start to apply our chiropractor techniques on you to begin the healing process. When we’re all finished and your upper/lower back pain has been relieved, we send you away with education to avoid your thoracic back pain and so you don’t need a chiropractor again for help.

Just get in touch if you need our help for your painful back.

chiropractor work on lower back pain