Chiropractor For Upper Back Pain

Back pain, especially upper back pain, can be one of the most infuriating problems out there with the body. It’s like a dead weight that seems to be sitting on your shoulders, weighing you down, causing irritation, causing distress, soreness and aching.

Much like lower back pain, upper back pain is not going to go away if left untreated. What’s more, your upper back pain will only get worse if you don’t see to the problem. Many people think their back problems will simply go away, yet they continue to do the things that caused that back pain in the first place anyway. They also don’t know if chiropractors do really help. We obviously know we help as we help plenty of people with their upper and lower back every single day.

Common reasons for upper back pain.

– Neck tension. it might just be that the chiropractic treatment you need is actually for your neck and cures your upper back. Whatever the solution needs to be, that’s what we’ll do for you.

– Posture. Good posture is essential if you’re going to be one of the lucky few that never experiences upper back pain in their life. This means standing up and sitting up straight.

– Hunching over a computer. Loads of us work in offices and are in front of computer screens all day. This comes at the cost of our shoulders, upper backs & lower backs as well as necks. Try and sit up straight!

– Accidents. Accidents are going to happen and they might mess up your back. This is not ideal but you shouldn’t let your back pain get worse. Definitely go to a doctor first if you are experiencing back pain as a result of an accident – from there, they can refer you to us or a physiotherapist. We should mention at this point that we have our own team of in house physiotherapists.

Avoid self adjustments!

Like the plague! This goes for lower back self adjustment and upper back self adjustment. It’s not worth it. We as chiropractors train for years in order to be able to manipulate and work with people’s bodies. No amount of self back adjustment videos are going to give you the techniques that the trained professionals know. We’ve seen mid back self adjustments, lower and upper… Some of them seem reasonable, but the truth is, you can’t carry these out without practicing in a safe and controlled environment.

Please never try and adjust the lumbar spine by yourself, we’re seen some how to videos and they are horrendous. We’re certain plenty of people have seen videos at home using these upper and lower back adjustment techniques. See our chiropractors for lower back pain and upper back pain… Not a Youtube video with instructions to your friend!

That’s the reason our service is paid. You’re also paying for the years of experience we have collected over the years in order to not only keep you safe while doing things like upper back adjustments, but also to get you fixed.

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