Best Chiropractor Cambridge

Looking for the best chiropractor in Cambridge? Look no further! 

We would contend that we have one of if not the very best chiropractor clinics in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. 

Our chiropractor clinic is based in the centre of Cambridge, meaning we’re a suitably central location for anybody in Cambridgeshire, like places such as Ely and Sawston. 

Why are we the best you ask? 

The clinic is interested in fixing your aches, pains, soreness and strains, from head to toe. This includes fixing strains in your mind, like headaches and migraines. 

Sure, we also fix those main problems people come to us with. These usually include: upper back pain, lower back pain. Then shoulder pain and neck pain. 

Most people think chiropractors simply deal with these 3 key areas. We do, but not exclusively. Not our clinic anyway. 

We’re interested in offer solutions for the entirety of your body, not just common chiropractic areas like upper and lower back pain. 

A combination of techniques

Although we are chiropractors, we understand the benefits of other health practices and integrate them into our approach. Our most notable combining service is physiotherapy with chiropractor techniques too – combines massages with nerve, joint and muscle work. 

Why ask if you should visit a physiotherapist for a massage or a chiropractors for their help if you can go somewhere that combines the benefits of both? 

This combined solution is excellent for people with spine, upper, lower and thoracic back pain. 

We don’t teach self adjustment techniques here

Plenty of companies out there are happy to refer people to YouTube videos and help them with their self adjustments. We would never advocate that here as there are simply too many things that can go wrong with your body. 

We use trained professionals in a controlled environment. You will never be given a self adjustment technique YouTube video as part of your aftercare plan with us. Quite the opposite, you will get practical exercises that are safe and strengthen your areas that are susceptible to creating these upper and lower back problems. 

On top of that, we’ll be communicating with you to show you how your condition was created, why it progressed and how to stifle it from happening again. 

We see our clinic as a full body repair clinic. If you need fixing, call us. The worst that can happen is that we’ll refer you to other specialists, like the doctor, which will have a better chance of curing you than us. There isn’t a charge for a consultation, we just want to fix people’s pain! 

Where do we serve? 

Our service is based in Cambridge aka the centre of Cambridgeshire and nearby to places like Milton and Milton chiropractor clinic. 

Our chiropractor clinic is often frequented by clients in places like Sawston and Milton. 

We are often in places like Ely, providing new clients with osteopath style diagnosis’. This is out of the clinic. We travel to areas of Cambridgeshire when people cant get to our chiropractor clinic in  Cambridge. That’s the best chiropractic clinic in Cambridge, might we add. 

Do you recommend other chiropractors if we can’t get to you / we aren’t in your area? 

If you’re in Milton, we recommend the Milton chiropractic Clinic found in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire. They have a great chiropractic clinic and we have no shame in recommending anther great group of chiropractors. They’re especially useful if you live in Milton as they’ll be your closest choice. If you can’t get to the chiropractic clinic in Milton and are closer to us, we’d love it if you got in touch! 

We would also contend that the family Chiropractic in Cambridgeshire will do a good job for you, as well as the relief chiropractic health clinic in Cambridge. Both have a good name associated with their brand and are no doubt highly professional and likely to get you great results.

We have the best chiropractic techniques in Cambridge