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Ever wondered what a chiropractor really does and what they are all about? You are not alone! This wonderful service is a mystery to many people.

This is a shame because so many people would benefit from visiting our Cambridge chiropractor clinic. We understand that priorities and finance are the main barriers between hiring a chiropractor – but we are certain we could help just about every single person that walked through the door.

Our main focus is the spine and virtually everyone has spinal problems. That is – you might not feel your back problems right now – but most of us have posture problems, sit the wrong way, stand the wrong way and so on. These back problems are creeping up on us slowly but surely. This isn’t being written to scare you either. Well, if it does, that is probably a good thing as you might start to alter the way you sit, stand and walk.

In any case, back problems are just the start of your woes. Back problems can translate to joint problems like your elbows, knees and hips right the way through to your core, neck and shoulders. Your back is clearly essential and it is a good idea to take care of it.

Your back is not the only area a chiropractic treatment will focus on though. We largely deal with the musculoskeletal system. Within this system includes muscles, bones, tendons, joints and cartilage. This system is all about movement and protection of the organs. Clearly, both of these things are paramount if we are to live a pleasurable life. Not being able to move would not be fun as some people have the displeasure of knowing and without our organs we will quickly pass away.

The word chiropractic actually derives from the Greek words ‘cheir’ and ‘praxis’ which mean hands and practice respectively. As you might guess, this means being applying chiropractic techniques is to be very hands on.

The other popular term within the space is chiropractic manipulation which is all about applying pressure to one’s body. Said pressure allows the chiropractic treatment to adjust and realign the patient’s body. Again, with the hope that this realignment can help the musculoskeletal system which will in turn help the client feel less pain, improve mechanical function and the ability to move.

Interestingly enough, chiropractic treatment gets a bad name because of history

Although widely accepted as a legitimate health practice now, chiropractic techniques did not use to be. Some people still carry this sentiment with them.

And why is this?

Well, back in the day, scientists believed that spinal misalignment was what caused diseases. It sounds crazy now but this was the case back then when we had less research at our disposal. The theory was named “vertebral subluxation complex’. The scientists even believed that most diseases were caused by back misalignment. So, they thought fixing the alignment issues would cure the disease!

Yes – they were misinformed. As more and more data was uncovered it became clear that germ theory was a real thing. Chiropractic treatments therefore got a bad name in the health industry and struggled to shuck them off…

In 2018 all is well with chiropractic treatments. They are now accepted as a vital component of healthcare due to the incredible work that can be applied to our musculoskeletal systems.

Getting treated

In a nutshell, when visiting a chiropractic clinic, tell us about your pain and where it is. Let’s say you have spinal pain on the upper side. We will examine you using our hands and feel around your whole spine to try and determine where the pain is deriving from. Tests might extend to things like X-rays if really required.

If we think we can help a treatment plan will be created. No two cases are the same so we create this to fit around your schedule and hopefully budget.

Timescales will be provided and if you are happy with the expected timeframe the plan can be acted on.

Treatments can include anything from hand movement and pressure to heat and ice, various other exercises and physiotherapy. There will also be advised provided on how to avoid the problems from reoccurring in the future.

Treatments have been proven to cure all sorts of pain from neck to shoulders to backs. People have come to us with severe pain throughout several parts of their body. We then create a bespoke plan for them and voila – they are healed. Most people that ever had severe pain are happy to come back every once in a while to have a session just because of the insane benefits they received.

From always being in pain to being able to function normally is a massive difference. They know the benefits and are more than happy to get treatments on a deterrent basis because they know how good the chiropractic measures are for their body.

Anyway, we hope this sheds some light on what a chiropractic service involves in a nutshell. This is not a comprehensive breakdown by any means but it gives you a glimmer into everything. We will pick this up at another time. We hope to see you then too! Thank you and bye for now.




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