Becoming A Chiropractor

More and more are turning to holistic treatments when seeking out cures to physical ailments. Chiropractors are generally considered as a branch of alternative/complementary medicine. Like anything involving a highly specific skillset, the road to becoming a chiropractor is reasonable long, but not excessive. More universities are beginning to offer a chiropractic course as the practice grows in popularity. Thankfully, we tend to have a large amount of freedom and high levels of job satisfaction from helping people to recover from pain. The same can be said for us at our amazing Cambridge chiropractor clinic. Come and see it for yourself!

Chiropractors are becoming more reputable as a first port-of-call for neuromuscular pain in and around the back. While there is overwhelming evidence demonstrating that the practices work, it’s still somewhat rare that your doctor would recommend seeing us over a physiotherapist. Don’t let that put you off, our team of experts have dealt with hundreds of cases varying in severity and have helped improved a huge number of lives.

What exactly does a Chiropractor do?

When most hear “Chiropractor” they think about back problems. The job of a chiropractor is surprisingly deep, although the emphasis is on correct function and alignment of the spine. We deal with numerous types of neuromuscular issues, the emphasis being on treatment via manual manipulation of the spine. They are experts in diagnosing the cause of pain, and work to reduce said pain and restore their movement patterns back to normal. A good chiropractor will also advise on specific exercises (balance/stretching etc) that an individual can do to maintain or improve their own health at home.

We work from the fundamental idea that the spine and nervous system are close linked. That is, spinal problems such as a misalignment have a negative effect on the nervous system, leading severe levels of pain and discomfort. Restoring alignment and/or integrity will relieve the pain in sensitive areas and improve health. These ideas have become more widely accepted as more and more find that their specific situations improve massively from their chiropractic sessions.

How long will I study for and what will I learn?

A chiropractic degree/course will typically last four years. The degree will be split into classroom and lab sessions for the first half, followed by time in clinics in the second half.

You’ll gain vast knowledge of human anatomy through lectures, and self-study, before dealing with real-life case studies in the clinics. As any medical practitioner knows, cases can range from very common, to virtually one of a kind. This is why your knowledge has to run so deep, so you’re able to diagnose and address specific issues even if they at first seem intimidating.

As with any practice related to the human body, you’ll spend a lot of time with a cadaver in a lab. You’ll have to be comfortable with this aspect in order to progress.

The ability to carry out a holistic approach means you’ll learn about the body in incredible detail. Remember, the whole point of chiropractic is to identify the underlying cause of an issues, not just mask the symptoms. That means understanding the body as a whole and how the various systems link together.

Diagnosing usually starts out with “palpation”. That is, applying pressure with hands to various areas as a way to examine the body. Once problems have identified, then adjusting can begin. Adjusting is taught in the following order: mid-back, lower-back, cervical area. This is an approximate breakdown in order of difficulty, with cervical adjustment requiring the utmost precision and care in order to avoid damage or hurting the patient.

Beyond School

Once qualified and licensed, which means passing a number of rigorous exams, the opportunities are many. You can work in a practice for a while, build up your skills, and even consider opening your own practice. Of course, opening and running your own business requires a certain skillset in and of itself. Spend time learning how practices operate when you’re working and ask yourself if having your own is something you’d like in the future.

People are becoming tired of pills and other drugs that only seem to be temporary solutions to their physical ailments. Masking symptoms with painkillers is no good, people are seeking real answers. The wonderful nature of chiropractic is it’s always seeking to deal with the underlying issues, with the aim of restoring the patient to full health. This is what makes the profession so rewarding for many who enter the field in becoming a chiropractor. This is a very brief crash course into the long and arduous journey to get into this profession. But don’t let that put you off. As said, it’s a wonderful profession where you get a chance to make a real difference to peoples lives.





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