Chiropractic Treatment Does Amazing Things

The rise of the internet has helped demonstrate what a skilful chiropractor can do to help people with their ailments. Migraines, back problems, neck pain. Many types of case involving the nervous system and the spine can often be dealt with corrections from a skilled practitioner. Chiropractic has traditionally been met with scepticism, given its rise as a branch of alternative medicine, with contrasting methods to traditional medicine. It’s understandable, but many are realising the power of this type of treatment in truly fixing ailments. We’ve been your Cambridge chiropractor for a number of years and have numerous success stories from out patients. But, if you really want evidence of chiropractic success, the internet has some brilliant examples of real transformations.

We’d like to bring your attention to a case you may already be familiar with. For those who haven’t heard about it, it’s quite an amazing story of what a skilful chiropractor can really do. Back in 2015, a young 17-year-old boy called Muntathat Altaii of the USA experienced a severe injury. In attempting to pull up a tree root, he found himself doubled over in pain. He was left with extreme kyphosis (curvature of the spine), could barely walk and was virtually confined to a bed for three months. No one seemed able to help. His doctors couldn’t do anything except prescribe pain medication, but he didn’t get any better. After feeling like giving up, he made a last-resort decision to seek out the help of Dr Ian, a specialist chiropractor in Australia.

Despite Dr. Ian being such a distance away, Mun was desperate in such a horrible situation. He made the long trip to Australia to meet Dr Ian first hand. During their first meeting, it was clear to see the discomfort that Mun was experiencing. Even light touching was causing pain and grimacing. Dr Ian touched Mun’s right leg at various points, asking him if he had feeling. He barely had feeling at the bottom of his leg and his foot. Then, after some time getting familiar with Mun’s situation, Dr Ian would go ahead and perform a back correction, involving pressure applied in a very specific way. 

Immediately, there was a visual improvement and Mun could extend himself a little further with less pain. He even cracked a smile! A day later, Mun revealed that he slept comfortably for the first time in months. By day 4 Mun was walking on his own, managing to walk slowly on his own with proper strides. His movement before had been restricted to very short periods of awkward and painful limping. Now, although slightly crooked, you could observe his ability to walk heel-to-toe. While his walking was still slow and required concentration, the difference was night and day.

After three corrections total Mun was standing much taller and the kyphosis was almost gone. His pain was virtually gone and the pressure he was feeling in his neck and spine had dissipated. He visited the practice 10 days after the first initial appointment and the result was quite something. His father was overcome with emotion, seeing his son standing even taller than Dr Ian with a big smile on his face. Mun was healthy in time for his high school graduation, an amazing turnaround for such a severe case.

If you’d like to, you can watch the video of Dr Ian changing this teenagers life on youtube showing the full journey here.

Mun’s case is certainly extreme, but it highlights some important things. Specific issues like this need highly specialised treatment. Painkillers and other drugs had been shown to not work, so why was it that nothing more could be done? What would have happened to Mun had he never had this treatment? Why are people still so sceptical of the abilities of chiropractic practitioners? Fortunately, the more case studies we see online that are brought to the attention of the general public, the more we can go about healing people from their ailments. Masking problems is no solution, we need real solutions to underlying causes.

Chiropractors are becoming more accepted as true problem solvers as more people see the wonderful results in their lives and the lives of others. It can be difficult to accept for many because we’re so used to a culture of drugs, quick fixes and temporary solutions that never truly help in the long run.

Stories like Mun’s show what a true expert can do when confronted with a serious issue like this. In fact, it inspired Mun to want to become a chiropractor himself in the future, so he can help others and improve their lives.





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