Simple Bodily Cures & Preventatives

We are always looking for that super cure that will fix us of all of our injuries. Unfortunately, it probably doesn’t even exist. We will say that chiropractic treatments are excellent for alleviating aches, pains, trapped nerves and general discomfort through your spine, shoulders and neck. This is our speciality. However, we cannot be all things to all people. Sure, we can help with other parts of the body too. However, we are not surgeons. We are not dieticians. Or exercise professionals. We are not hypnotists etc… What we are is your local Cambridge chiropractor!

We have an understanding of these things and implement healthy habits where we can, but this is not our paid profession.

What we mean is – yes, our service works. Yes other services work. But there is never going to be that ‘one’ solution. Anyone that says this exists might not be being truthful to you. As usual with health and any other complicated issue in this world, it is going to take a culmination of things to make something work.

For your bodily and mental health it is no different.

You will need to come at any problems (or preventative measures) from multiple angles in order to have success in dealing with the problem.

As a result, we wanted to put forward some measures we take on a daily basis which helps us to stay fit, strong and healthy.

If you don’t have any of many of these actions in your daily and weekly routine, we implore you to add as many as you can. It will help you to stay in good health so you have no need to get help from us for a distressing problem you have.


Without adequate sleep, the brain eventually shuts down. Now we are in the winter season with the days shortening, have you adjusted your sleeping pattern? Remember that we operate on the circadian rhythm meaning we have certain times the body wants to be asleep and when it wants to be awake.

Listen to your body. If you need eight hours of sleep a night, be disciplined about getting this sleep. If you under sleep one night, try and make up for it the next night (although you won’t get the time back). Good sleep is essential and all it takes is a little bit of discipline to get this right.


Another absolute essential. Get a healthy diet that suits your lifestyle. Suiting your lifestyle is the important part of this. Food is so pleasurable that is is hard to manage. If you start a brand new green, vegan fruit juice diet you are going to struggle keeping up with it. The best thing to improve your eating habits is by slowly weaning out things you don’t really need and can be replaced.

Often, we’re just being lazy with the bad things we eat. Eat healthy things that you like. Cut out as many carbohydrates as you can handle. Eat plenty of fat, fruit, vegetables and protein. Sugar will be most people’s main problem. If you can get rid of sugar you will have won half the battle. It is highly addictive and really bad for you, causing inflammation throughout your body.


Walking is so good for your body. How many miles do you walk each week? Are you driving somewhere that you could walk to instead? Get a pair of headphones, a great podcast and walking will seem like less of a chore. The more you can keep your body moving instead of stiff and locked up behind a computer, the less likely it is that you will get injured.

Other exercise that you enjoy

If walking isn’t your thing, find an exercise that you like. Ideally, it won’t be high impact. You could do touch rugby or hit a boxing bag, but avoid the full contact aspects. It’s not worth having your brain rattled. There are plenty of ways to have fun. If you are not being paid to play the sport – don’t risk your health. Swimming is a great one.


Stretching is one of the best things you can do to keep your body nimble and supple. It allows your body to move, often in it’s entirety so that joints, muscles and tendons are not getting shortened, stiff and susceptible to damage. You could do a home yoga course or find a local yoga centre. So much can be done to prevent disease through your lifestyle and choices. Stand up and do a little stretch now!

Drink water

This one is obvious but try not to be dehydrated throughout the day. It will give you brain fog, make you irritable and generally worsen your bodily performances. Stay hydrated. There are apps out there that remind you to drink if this is a problem for you.

Although these are fairly obvious and well known healthy things to do, it is always good to remind yourself of them. For example, I have noticed my water intake has been low recently. I’m going to get a pint of water now and prepare for my yoga class soon. What can you add to your weekly and daily routine right now to keep yourself healthy?!





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