The Influence Of Social Media For Chiropractic Treatment

Every business has benefited as a result of social media. Social media is like a news channel that everyone gets to be a part of. Before, news would just be prescribed to us by those with all the power. Now we all have the chance to disperse whichever kind of news and content we wish. It is truly amazing to be in the 21st century for this reason. We are truly thankful for being alive in this time period. It has helped our journey as a loving Cambridge chiropractor – get in touch with us if you need anything!

Anyway, an industry that is no different in massively benefiting from social media is that of the chiropractor. What is a steadily growing industry, social media has allowed the widespread dispersion of what a chiropractor does and the results they can get. Usually this has been in the form of video content.

With much of the video content being harsh adjustments it is no wonder that social media has helped this excellent medicine to become more main stream. Some people even believed that chiropractors were some sort of myth, just using hand placements and a feeble massage alternative to magically cure aches and pains.

Although not all chiropractor work comes in the form of these harsh adjustments, they have certainly helped to put the service on the map. There is nothing wrong with these adjustments though. Sometimes they are absolutely necessary and you will see people feeling excellent after them in the video. They certainly catch the eye and that is why they get so many shares. You can type into Google “chiropractor” right now and you will see some wonderfully satisfying videos of people getting their backs, necks and shoulders cricked back into place.

The movement is abrupt and almost looks like something could be snapping almost all that noise and movement. Apart from a handful of cases we have seen – most of these chiropractors are carrying out the adjustment correctly and that is how it is actually done. They are not doing it for show. It just so happens that those harsh adjustments make for… Quite a show!

If you are a chiropractor we have listed a few techniques you can use to harbour your social media channels and disperse content that gets people interested in your service and its benefits. After all, many people need your service but do not know about it. It is your responsibility to let people know what you can do for them.

Video testimonials

We all have clients that have massively benefited from our service. Make use of these people! You have provided them an excellent service and you could even give any client happy to give a video testimonial a discount on their next treatment. This is a great enticement. But yes, make the most of video testimonials. This is an industry where people are already sceptical. Legitimate videos of your patients describing what they went through and the outcome will fill new potential customers with trust for your service and what you can do for them.

You could drop this video on all of your platforms. It would work well on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Probably make each piece of content native to the channel though. This means that you could have a little 30 second clip on your Instagram (because the attention span per post is quite short there). You could have full length on Twitter with a little description at the top. You could have longer form content writing above the video on both LinkedIn and Facebook where people are spending more time watching and reading things.

Video footage

Just like the testimonials, you can put up footage of any adjustments or treatments you are carrying out for clients. Obviously gain their consent to post the video before posting anything anywhere. People value their privacy so you should not break this without consent. People are really intrigued by what we do as chiropractors. So many people have neck pain, back pain and shoulder pain in this modern ‘sitting down’ age. Seeing someone get a treatment then feel immediately better would make people want your service. You could also do a ‘follow their journey’ series where you take a new patient and guide them through a course from a terrible back through to a cured back and the aftercare you give them. Much like the above, you can do short form on Instagram, longer on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn then make the description native to the platform.


You can share images of what you are doing for people through infographics. You could even sketch the infographic out yourself. All it means is to point out the problem and what you will do to solve the problem. Images catch people’s attention and if they have a particular pain (lets say middle back pain) – then you can point out potential problems and how they can be solved (many people think they have impingements that absolutely nothing can be done about them). Obviously this is not the case. However, if your audience is not educated on your treatments and what they can cure – this is your fault! It is no good moaning about it. It is your job to promote the benefits of what you do and why people should call you. You can post these across all platforms.

Free tips

Like the infographics, you can help to educate your audience by giving out free health tips that you have learnt as a result of being a chiropractor. Twitter will probably be your best bet as it is all about dispersing information quickly. You can fire off ideas on Twitter really quickly and it does not require much planning. Twitter is your place for short form content. Check out this article on the top chiropractors to follow on social media for some practical tips. Remember, do as they do, not necessarily as they say!

So these are some things you can do to boost your social media. It is really booming in our industry and you would be crazy not to be leveraging it!





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