Using Chiropractic Treatment For Neuromuscular Diseases

If you suffer from a neuromuscular disease – we are sorry that you have this condition. We commend you for reading this article that you are actively trying to improve your situation by taking things into your own hands. There are many things that you can do to try and stall or even reserve the adverse effects that many of these neuromuscular diseases cause to the human body.

There is so little research out there to act on. It is hard to tell which measures you should be taking each day to try and stop the adverse effects from getting worse. What is available to you is experimentation and simple trial and error. If anyone has a neuromuscular issue, come and see your caring Cambridge chiropractor and we will do our best to improve your situation.

You can begin to implement things into your life and see if they make you feel better or worse. If they aggravate your symptoms or if they ease them. You could even spread the good work you are doing (of trial and error) by documenting your progress in the actions you take. This will help everyone in the neuromuscular disease community as well as people that have your specific condition.


One thing that should certainly help is exercise. We would say that exercise is always a positive influence if you are still able to conduct it. This could be any capacity that you can manage.

From lifting weights (although you might not want to become too structurally unstable, heavy and imbalanced) to simple cardiovascular exercise – these should all help with your heart, coordination, stability (core strength) and reduce stress levels through releasing endorphins.

A young client

We have worked with a client who has Friedreich’s Ataxia who is working every single day to try and improve his health. His efforts are valiant. He attends chiropractor sessions with us where we work on different areas of his body.

The young chap is wheelchair bound so his legs and feet no longer receive much stimulation running through them. As you know, being a chiropractor is very hands on and this allows us to pressure parts of his legs and feet to try and reactivate his nerves and other things that are slowing down. The saying goes that “we do not stop playing because we get older. We get older because we stop playing.”

This is true of the body too. If parts of your body are no longer functioning, you need to keep them moving and keep them activated. Working with us allows his muscles to be stretched in different directions that they are not getting every day. His joints are also manipulated and moved in ways that are trying to align them and get the feeling back into them. We are making good progress on different parts of the body that did not have any care or attention for a good amount of time.

Another common symptom of this condition is curvature of the spine. A lot of a chiropractor’s work deals with spinal manipulation. While a lot of the curvature is hard to reverse, a client like this chap needs our service as much as if not more than anyone else. The spine having so much more movement and change compared to the ‘normal’ spine means that there is a lot going on there.

Muscles, bones and joints around the spine can be manipulated to respond better to the brain’s signals it sends through the nerves. The adjustments and treatments administered can start to put the spine in a better position that it ever was before we started manipulating the things around it.

We look forward to seeing the progression of this guy and how his life improves as a result of the work.

If you are interested in the other measures he is taking to fight the disease, we will write them below.

Firstly, as described at the top, is exercise. He attends the gym every day to keep his heart healthy as heart disease is a common effect related to his disease. He needs to use it or risk losing it.


Another thing this guy does is use a roller. Despite being wheelchair bound and having limited movement, he uses a roller all over his body before sleeping. He will run it over his legs and feet to try and reactivate these parts of his body that are otherwise used very little compared to what the human body expects.

He also focuses on his diet and tries not to eat much sugar. He finds that sugar damages his vision and makes him very tired. Generally, he eats a lot of proteins, carbs and fats.

Bio energetics

One more thing he does that is quite rare is use bio energetics. This involves opening up the thoracic spine and breathing deeply. He says it relieves tension in his body that builds up from being in a wheelchair everyday.

We take our hats off to this guy with the neuromuscular disease and chronic pain. The things he is doing to better his situation. The drive is incredible. Hopefully someone else in a similar position took some inspiration or tips from this article that they can implement into their own life and see improvements. If you can, document it! Thank you so much for reading.





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