What Are The Best Activities To Supplement Your Body?

Many people that are interested in coming for chiropractic treatment do so for a couple of reasons. 

First is to cure pain. Some sort of damage has been incurred to the body (through a never ending number of reasons). This could be to any region in the back/spine, shoulders, neck, hips, feet, anywhere! 

And the second reason is to prevent harm. Perhaps you sit at a desk all day and are worried about repetitive strain (e.g. sitting, especially without immaculate posture, is unnatural for the body or having to use one’s hands all day) or maybe you are a combat fighter and want to keep your body in tip top shape. 

For anyone with either of these desires, chiropractic treatment is excellent. We have cured many a patient with the problems discussed above and we have regular clients who use our services as a preventive measure. 

We wanted to focus on the other things you can do to prevent your body from requiring treatment. It’s best to always prevent these things rather than have to fix them when they occur. Of course, we want you to visit our excellent Cambridge chiropractor clinic, but we don’t want anyone to be harmed or in any pain.

Let’s dive into them. You can never be doing enough for your health. One thing we will add now is that you probably can’t do everything. Maybe pick out one or two things from the list that you think you can incorporate to improve your health and chances of requiring a chiropractic service of any other health service. 

Sleep to a regular schedule

This is a big problem for a lot of people. They cannot sleep at a regular time and there body never gets into a healthy routine. We describe routine as healthy because sleep is something that is absolutely required as a human. If you can figure out the optimal amount of sleep you need to feel refreshed in the morning and throughout your day (this could be anywhere from 5 – 10 hours depending on the person) then you can simply keep this pattern going.

Giving yourself a few days a week of poor sleep, not enough sleep or a massively different routine is going to have a knock on effect in everything you do. We notice that our athletic performance, concentration levels, attitude and skin(!) worsens when sleep becomes more unpredictable. Optimise your sleeping habits! We can’t think of an argument against doing this. 


This one is obvious. We all need to exercise and it is beaten to death so we won’t cover the basics. One thing we will add is to keep it fun. It’s easy to run for a month and give up. You loved it at the start but now it is a real chore. You didn’t become less disciplined, you just got bored! Set a new target now. Maybe your improved fitness means you can join a kickboxing class, or you can go for a long bike ride. Maybe it means you can join the basketball team you were scared of joining. Maybe you need to slow it down to a walk. Whatever it is – keep exercise fun to keep exercising.  


Stretching is a great way to keep your body young and limber. The more tight and rigid you are the more susceptible you are to injury. Stretching is a great way of keeping your body limber and healthy. As with the exercising, keep stretching fun.

What might start as a 30 day home yoga class might turn into going to a yoga class once a week.

Don’t feel bad about how you want to do it, just do it! Many of our clients never stretched before seeing us and there has to be a correlation between those that stay limber and those that are stiff when it comes to back/neck/shoulder stiffness and injuries. 

Deep breathing

This could tie in with yoga and stretching above. Breathing is essential to life. Have you ever focused on your breathing or ‘played’ with it? Check out Wim Hoff – he has completed some incredible feats using the power of deep breathing. There are loads of benefits to it. Combine it with yoga and you’re getting stretching and the benefits of some time focusing on your breathing rolled into one. 

Eat well

This is another ‘obvious’ component. That is because it is one of the most important. A tip we have for readers is to start the day with something healthy. If you have 3 meals (21 a week) you know that at least 7 in your week will be healthy. This is a good sneaky tactic. It builds momentum, makes you feel good about yourself and puts guaranteed healthy meals into your day, week, months and year.  If you can exercise after the healthy meal (on your lunch break?) you’re even more likely to want to keep the momentum up. Also, healthy doesn’t have to be boring and green. Keep it fun like the other things! 

Future proof’ your body to stay healthy! The only regret you will feel is when you are ill, body is warn out and tired. You’ll be wishing you were healthier then. No one ever feels bad when eating healthily, exercising and sleeping well.

That’s it for now everyone. We hope you can take something away from this, even if just one small change to your life. 






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