Chiropractor Cambridgeshire

Looking for a reliable chiropractor in Cambridgeshire? You’re in the right place! Our clinic is a client focussed centre to improve your health. Most people come to us for problems with their back, shoulders and neck. Fixing these parts of the body is routine for us by now. We fix far more than these popular areas, though.

What does a chiropractor do?

If you’ve seen any popular videos on chiropractors, you might just think we’re joint manipulators, or that we just ‘crack’ people’s backs for a living. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Although ‘cracking’ body parts is a part of the job, we don’t do this as often as people might think. Mostly, as described above, we’re fixing backs necks and shoulders. This is simply because these are the most common problems that people come to us with.

We fix problems from head to toe. If you have sore hamstrings, or tight ankles, or a sports injury, the chiropractor is the place you need to be. Preferably ours!

Chiropractor or physiotherapist?

Both! At, we have both available. A lot of the time, our treatments combine both physiotherapy and chiropractor treatments together.

Both services compliment each other brilliantly.

Chiropractors like us aren’t interested in finding the ‘one solution’ or ‘our solution is better than the rest’ – simply want to use what works the best for you. In our experience, massages through physiotherapy specialists are excellent at relieving neck pain, lower back pain and other chiropractic problems.

Our in-house physiotherapists are very much a part of the team and will be used on your body if necessary to fix your condition.

Which areas are you close to?

As we’re based in the centre of Cambridgeshire, we’re an excellent chiropractic hub for everyone needing a chiropractor in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire.

We have regular clients travelling from areas like Ely, Soham, Milton, Newmarket, Huntingdon, Bar Hill and other areas of Cambridgeshire.

Occasionally, we can travel to clients if you have an issue with mobility. Our clinic is all about wellness, if that means coming out to you, we can occasionally make exceptions for this. Just call us to see if we can feasibly get to your area of Cambridgeshire.

Chiropractor Jobs 

We require that any job applicants are enthusiastic about health and well being. Our clients come to us to fix their problems, their imbalances, their neck, back and shoulder pains and sometimes mental problems. Without a really committed mindset towards wanting to help people, you might not be right for us here at the clinic. We want people that have taken steps to make themselves well and want to help other people too.

The practice is a great place to work. All of our chiropractors are treated extremely well, which keeps them happy, which keeps our clients happy in turn. We want a happy clinic, from the team to our clients.

A chiropractor salary can really vary depend on the amount of experience you can bring to the table. Someone that has just graduated university with a physiotherapy degree or something similar will have less of a salary than a chiropractor with over 10 years experience! Either way, our chiropractors and physiotherapists are paid well.

Chiropractor in Cambridgeshire