Chiropractor Ely Cambridgeshire

Need a chiropractor in Ely?

We’re chiropractors. A chiropractor is someone that can relieve you of major problems in your shoulders, neck and back. These aren’t the only areas. We work from head to toe. If you have any aches, sores, pains, strains, tightness or anything like that – we will be able to help!

We use osteopathy techniques to diagnose your problems. This involves moving, stretching and pressuring your body to correctly diagnose what your problem is and where they stem from. If you come in for an assessment or we visit you, don’t be alarmed if we’re moving and stretching parts of your body that aren’t sore. Often muscular imbalances cause problems in the body. For example, your lower back pains could be caused by tight hamstring muscles.

From there, we can put a plan in place to get your body healed again. This might combine our physiotherapy with our chiropractic measures. Either way, your health is our priority!

Which areas will your chiropractor travel to in Cambridgeshire?

The clinic is based in Cambridge, the centre of Cambridgeshire and the easiest hub for the majority of people to get to us that are within the county. However, sometimes our clients can’t get to us. We can try and get to you and we have clients that we visit in various areas of Cambridgeshire. Such is the nature of being a centrally based Cambridgeshire chiropractor. We’ve put together a mini list of some of the areas that we cover below. Don’t worry if your area isn’t there! It might be that one of the chiropractors lives near you and we can arrange for you to be treated too. We would just say: get in touch and we will see if we can help you at your home.

– Ely. Ely is a popular place for us and we go there at least once or twice a week to deliver chiropractic solutions for our clients. If you’re based here, we’d love to help out.

– Milton. Milton is a reasonably popular area as a few of our chiropractors travel from Milton each day. Accordingly, we can offer a home chiropractic service to people based here. If you would like to actually visit a chiropractic clinic in Milton, we can only recommend one company, the Milton Chiropractic Clinic. They have the best reputation in the area. We would humbly recommend the Milton chiropractic clinic if they’re closer to you and it makes more sense. They’re a great company and ultimately, we just want to see people fixed.

– Sawston. We have quite a few clients in Sawston so call away if you’re based here.

– Anywhere in Cambridge. Cambridge is fine for us because the clinic is here. We have clients on Hills Road right the way through to Fulbourne.

– Bury. Carrying out chiropractic services for the people of Bury is no problem. We can travel to your home.

– Suffolk. We have a few clients in Suffolk and have more time for our chiropractors to see people in the area.

Other chiropractic clinics we recommend

If you cannot come to our chiropractor clinic because we are too far away or we don’t travel to your area (remember, call us, we might travel to your area even if not listed above!) then the least we could do to help you out if recommend some other good chiropractors in the area.

We aren’t fools and know that we aren’t the only reputable chiropractic clinic in the area. We would much rather you went to a reliable chiropractor that will be able to heal your problems. Here’s a list.

First is the Milton Chiropractic Clinic. They have the most 5* reviews on Google. We have never dealt with the team personally but have only heard good things about them. The chiropractic team in Milton is quite large too, so it’s unlikely that they won’t be able to see you reasonably quickly. Another thing worth mentioning about the Milton chiropractic clinic is that they have been around for a long time. They would probably be our first pick if we were to recommend anyone else. Just visit the chiropractic Milton clinic website if you need their services. They’re especially useful if you’re actually based in Milton.

The second is the Cambridge Chiropractic Health Centre. Much like the Milton chiropractic clinic, we haven’t dealt with these guys but know they have a strong reputation.

The third and final company we will put forward, which is in Ely, is Stockley Osteopath. They’re near you if you need a chiropractor in Sawston. The company is good from what we have heard and will be able to sort you out if you need somewhere in Ely.

Still, we would love to help out with all your chiropractic needs if we can.

Chiropractor working out of Ely in Cambridgeshire