What To Wear To Chiropractor

We get this question all the time… what do I wear when I visit the chiropractors?! 

It’s a fair question as most people that come to us for the first time don’t know what to expect. 

Let us reiterate here: you will know if we need to touch, press and work with your body before coming in. We won’t ever spring on you a surprise osteopath style diagnosis. It will always be prearranged with you. So, you might be coming in just for an initial chat, perhaps if you want to see the clinic, tell us your problems and find out more (you don’t want an assessment yet). In this case, you’re certainly free to come dressed however you like. 

For your first chiropractic appointment, where we will actually be touching your body, we recommend that you wear soft, comfortable and thin clothing. Wear what makes you feel comfortable and that you think will be practical. As long as you can touch your own body through the clothes and feel what you’re doing there’s a good chance that’s good enough for us. You could simply wear a t shirt and shorts when you visit the chiropractor, or tracksuit bottoms and a vest. Anything that is light, cotton, and won’t obstruct our ability to pressure parts of the body we need to will be fine.

We won’t be able to press and touch through thick denim or anything like that. So just ensure that you don’t arrive to the chiropractor clinic with double denim on…!

There’s no need to over do it and wear nothing, just make sure you’re comfortable, while not wearing anything too thick and obtrusive to the treatment.

Do you have to undress for a chiropractor visit?

No, our chiropractors in Cambridge will never ask you to undress. Just arrive to the chiropractors in nice, comfortable clothes that you want to wear for the treatment. As long as they’re light and don’t cover your body too much, we can easily press through thin, light clothing. There will be more reason to undress when you come to our clinic.

We have changing rooms if you want to arrive in jeans and thicker clothes should you want to get changed here into something lighter and more malleable.

What’s the best thing to wear to the chiropractor?

We would say shorts and a thin t shirt. Some people opt for tracksuit bottoms which are also fine, as long as they aren’t the sort of thick winter style track suit bottoms. Just wear something thin that we can work through. 

suitable chiropractor clothes