What Do Female Chiropractors Wear?

Our female chiropractors dress professionally, just like their male counterparts. The whole team, from the receptionist, the female chiropractors to the male chiropractors and the physiotherapists.

We won’t be quite as smart as people wearing office clothes, more formal suits and ties etc., but we will make sure to look and act professionally at all times.

What you can expect our female chiropractors to wear:

– Skirt or trousers. Much like our male chiropractors, you’ll always see our female chiropractors dressed smarty.

– Shirt or smart t-shirt. Our female chiropractors will wear a smart t-shirt or shirt to compliment their trousers. A blazer would be too much for our line of work.

– Shoes. Heels would be far too impractical to wear as a chiropractor, so practical yet smart shoes are worn.

What you can expect our male chiropractors to wear:

– Trousers. You won’t find our chiropractors wearing shorts, even if it is physical work. Okay, perhaps there might be an exception if England has a rare heat wave, but 99% of the time you can expect our chiropractors to wear smart trousers.

– Shirt. Our male chiropractors will wear a shirt with their trousers. This will be a long sleeve shirt or a smart short sleeve t-shirt. Again, no suits will be worn but this keeps our team looking smart but also practical.

– Shoes. To finish off the smart and professional look. We take this profession seriously and we want to reflect this in the way that we present ourselves. Every other chiropractor in Cambridge and Cambridgeshire should be doing the same thing, too.


What should I wear to my chiropractor appointment?

This depends which stage of your chiropractic treatment journey you’re on. Knowing what to wear to a chiropractor appointment is good to know for future reference. If you’re simply coming in for a chat, to see what it’s all about and maybe discuss a few problems – wear what you like, jeans, anything.

If you’re coming for your first chiropractor treatment session, please wear something light and thin so that we can properly feel what is happening with your body. It’s hard to fix upper or lower back pain, for example, without really being able to feel around the spine, neck and shoulders. If you wear anything like denim it will simply be too hard to do anything with your body! We won’t be able to feel the muscles and joints.

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